China Telecom




One Marina Boulevard


19,270 sqft

OSCA was commissioned to create a new office space for China Telecom – a space that is young, fun and energetic to reflect the company’s mostly millennial employees.

The design approach was to create a futuristic and sophisticated office to signify that China Telecom is at the forefront of technological development. Timeless materials in combination with complex design features were utilised in this project. From the reception counter design which heavily featured timber walls to the pantry timber ceilings, timber is used to create a sense of warmth in the space. To break up the open workspaces, manager offices, phone booths and meeting rooms are scattered in between clusters of workstations. This also helps to divide each department into zones.

One of the greatest challenges for this project was having to work with the existing structure and furniture put in place by the previous tenant including the office design, existing partitions, and system furniture. These elements were incorporated by the designer into the new layout to create a minimalistic, yet futuristic and vibrant office space that embodies China Telecom’s ethos.

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