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Combining professionalism with comfort in our office interior design

Think a professional image is all you need to showcase in your office design? Well, think again. A fanciful office interior, creative office layouts, office lighting and good furniture may make for a good office interior design, but your end goal should always be to create an ideal corporate environment where your staff have access to a conducive yet competitive environment that allows them to thrive. Your staff are after all the backbone of a successful organisation.

The OSCA motto is hence to take design beyond aesthetics, by incorporating comfort with creativity. We bring to bear this motto through detailed space planning and creating an office interior theme that reflects your company’s brand without compromising on the need for a cosy, conducive environment that staff can call their second home.

Creative office Interior design

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WLT Group was looking at a casual, industrial concept for their office. In terms of the design theme, the company wanted an interior space infused with oriental accents to create an Asian-influenced concept. This was achieved by incorporating local street elements and features into the office design to invoke a local flavour within the workplace. Strong oriental details and colourful yet warm and intimate tones were featured strategically throughout the office space to foster a sense of “localness” within the company.

The general design concept makes use of the architectural and structural features of the building to create a bright office space where natural lighting is abundant. An open and collaborative workspace arrangement was selected in favour of a traditional cubicle-based workplace in a bid to promote staff interaction and collaboration.

Executive office design


OSCA was given the opportunity to redesign Bigo’s new office at Mapletree Business City, a thriving grade-A commercial office complex that houses many prominent tech companies such as Google.

The main concept is to create a new office which is colourful, vibrant and expressive in order to represent Bigo’s youthful identity. Bigo’s office interior takes cue from their blue/white branding colours as well as their icons. The idea is to have an industrial look and feel while retaining an attractive and contemporary appearance.

The space planning is interesting as the designer took a different approach. Instead of laying the desks horizontally/vertically, they are slanted, and the rooms encapsulate it, creating an unparalleled view of the entire office.

Executive office design
Commercial Interior Design Singapore

China Telecom

OSCA was commissioned to create a new office space for China Telecom – a space that is young, fun and energetic to reflect the company’s mostly millennial employees.

The design approach was to create a futuristic and sophisticated office to signify that China Telecom is at the forefront of technological development. Timeless materials in combination with complex design features were utilised in this project. From the reception counter design which heavily featured timber walls to the pantry timber ceilings, timber is used to create a sense of warmth in the space. To break up the open workspaces, manager offices, phone booths and meeting rooms are scattered in between clusters of workstations. This also helps to divide each department into zones.

One of the greatest challenges for this project was having to work with the existing structure and furniture put in place by the previous tenant including the office design, existing partitions, and system furniture. These elements were incorporated by the designer into the new layout to create a minimalistic, yet futuristic and vibrant office space that embodies China Telecom’s ethos.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore


A vibrant and energetic concept was created to match the corporate culture at Iress. For this project, the company’s branding is subtly promoted through the strategic placement of design elements and features throughout the office. The materials and colour palette are selected due to their bold and uplifting shades and tones, a testament to the resilience and vigour imbued in the company brand.

The overall office design and layout was conceived with the idea of an open concept in mind, where individuals are encouraged to work collaboratively across various types of workspaces. A significant challenge in this project was the redesignation and alteration of several key areas in the office including the meeting room, though this was swiftly managed without any delays beyond the project deadline.

Creative office Interior design
Commercial Interior Design Singapore

Smiths Detection

Smith Detection had a clear direction on where they wanted to go with their office interior design theme. The company wanted an office which could cater to the demands of technological advancements as well as better service their ever-growing clientele. In addition, the new office design needed to appeal to the work styles of employees across different age groups.

The resulting design is a combination of modern open work areas to encourage collaboration, and a minimalistic yet contemporary interior to reflect the international reach of Smiths Detection. The newly designed space also boats a large open cafeteria near the entrance which doubles up as a reception area to receive visitors and a breakout space for staff to relax, have their meals or even hold informal meetings.

Official meeting rooms are strategically located between the clusters of desks in an open office, indirectly serving as subtle dividers between departments. In terms of colour scheme, brighter tones were mostly utilised with white surfaces being contrasted with dark wood tones to foster a warmer and more intimate work environment.

Creative office Interior design

FCM Travel

Given that FCM exclusively deals with corporate travel bookings, our design team sought to create an interior that evoked indulgence, while at the same time retaining a sense of professionalism. The main meeting room contains spacious ultra-luxe chairs that provide guests with the impression of a first-class airport lounge, giving them with a glimpse of what to expect at their upcoming business trip.

The interior largely takes on an open space concept wherein individual workspaces are aligned in neat rows and strategically situated at the centre of the office space to facilitate open communication between colleagues from all corners of the office. Those who opt for greater privacy have the option of retreating into one of the carriage-like meeting spaces located on one side of the office or a more closed-door environment in the form of small discussion rooms, complete with comfortable sofa chairs, workbenches and charging ports. To elicit a tropical vacation-like sentiment in line with the company brand, a section of these areas is decorated with wallpapers featuring a range of designs from flamingos and rainforests to flowers and art permeates the experience of being whisked away on a holiday retreat.

The overall design employs mostly wooden tones from the floors and benches to desks and storage spaces to create a cosy and intimate corporate environment. This is balanced by the wide, open office spaces which lend a sense of volume and brightness to the space. The surfboard placed in one of the meeting rooms is a nod to idea that whilst FCM specialises in corporate travel, the company likewise encourages their clients to have fun along the way.

Creative office Interior design
Creative office Interior design

Vulcan AI

Vulcan AI requested for a modern, yet industrial look and feel which was inspired by their area of business – engineering. In order to recreate an industrial setting, bare-looking materials such as wood and concrete were applied liberally throughout the office space alongside open ceilings. The office layout was separated into two distinct sections – the client-facing area and the general workspace.

In line with the firm’s culture of collaboration and discussion, walls located in the general workspace are installed with glass writing boards for employees to share and exchange ideas. Meanwhile, the pantry area is designed to be casual and spacious, as it doubles up as a meeting room for clients as well as a casual working space for staff. The windows that flank the general office area are strategically inculcated to face the outdoor garden area in the office building. Bar-height tables and chairs are placed against the windows to serve as another casual working space, where staff can work and enjoy the soothing view at the same time.

An issue gleaned in the project design has to do with the high exposed ceilings, which can cause echoes throughout the office. To rectify this, soft furnishings such as carpet and wallpaper were used in an effort to reduce the echo levels. In addition, enclosed office rooms such as the director rooms and phone booths were fitted with closed ceilings that are lower in height, instead of wide-open ones.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore


The interior design of Euromonitor’s office adopts a mono-coloured focus, emphasising a bright and active working environment in their workspaces. Meeting rooms were carefully painted throughout the entire office, with each room demonstrating a Singaporean theme such as the Botanic Gardens. The pantry and collaboration areas boast open up grid ceilings, significantly enhancing the atmosphere of the space with its use of open spaces. The overall interior is kept neat and formal which places an emphasis on vibrant colours and makes the space uniquely interesting and practical for an office space.

Executive office design
Creative office Interior design


BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia) engaged the services of OSCA with the vision of creating an office environment that is in line with current workplace trends, namely an open concept office which facilitates open communication and collaboration among employees. The new office was envisioned to take the design concept up a notch without being overextravagant as this could potentially put off their current clientele.

Complying with their standards, client-facing areas such as conference rooms are designed to exude a hospitable ambience. Meanwhile, a practical approach was applied to the back office, with the area designed to maximise working space and to take advantage of natural lighting. A significant amount of the office space are likewise designated as social spaces to encourage interaction and collaboration between colleagues.

Overall, the new and improved office space emanates a more genial atmosphere in comparison to a more retail-like impression found in the previous office. The project was well-received by the management team at BNI’s headquarters, who intend to integrate the same design approach posited by OSCA into their upcoming branches in the Asia-Pacific.

Creative office Interior design


In designing Brunel's office interior, our designer selected a few key pointers that represented their identity – namely professionalism, uniqueness and passion. With this in mind, the entire design concept for this space was about strongly highlighting the nature of Brunel’s business; people, global networks and looking at the bigger picture.
The entire space was infused with the signature pattern of various styles of lines, as an accent design signifying the strong links they have forged in this industry and instilling Brunel’s corporate colour. This allows everything to remain professional, bringing out the unique identity of Brunel. Furniture was kept minimalistic to strike a balance with the loud design accents of the space, ensuring that the right atmosphere is in place.

Executive office design
Creative office Interior design

Tayrona Financial

When looking to design their new office, Tayrona was clear that they wanted the sentiment of an indulgent seven-star hotel lobby, in-line with their company motto to provide luxurious experiences for all clients.

Materials were carefully selected in order to fit their theme, with our designer inculcating Tayrona’s company logo as an accent in their office interior design, alongside various nods to Singapore create a space that is close to their brand.

Our designer also ensured that the chosen colour scheme was able to enhance and bring out the desired atmosphere, with carefully allocated spaces for everything essential.

Creative office Interior design


The goal for Traveloka was to come up with an innovative office design that befits its status as a start-up company. The concept design scheme incorporates a mix of colourful, vibrant and expressive styles to reflect the Traveloka brand identity. This is perceptible in the office interior, which takes cue from their branding colours.

The general design identity for this project was to construct a modern, industrial-style office through the copious use of cement, concrete and brick. This posed a significant challenge in regards to obtaining approval from the strict building management while simultaneously maintaining good project management in order to facilitate the smooth delivery of the project.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore
Creative office Interior design


In designing Unruly's office, our designers came up with a spaceship layout to reflect their fun and creative culture. The reception area acts as the control bridge and entertainment area of the spaceship, where the company’s identity and well-established brand is showcased at the entrance. The cafeteria has a pastel theme pantry, with a mix and match concept to complete the overall look. The greenhouse themed meeting and small discussion room is well furnished with a mixture of cool toned and shining bright furniture to enhance the presence of greenery. The general work area adopts the open concept style, with height adjustable tables to enhance communication amongst the team without jeopardising ergonomics. The general rest area facing the window was designed to allow employees to take a breather away from work, together with a rabbit hole concept sickbay to heal and rest. The water reserve tank area was designed as a meeting space with a unique underwater theme, while crew quarters adopt a Star Wars-like concept, giving each room its unique identity.

Executive office design


With HomeAway, the aim was to distance their office space from a conventional workplace. The company opted for an organic design concept, utilising colour schemes and elements that reflect the natural environment. This helps to create a more informal work setting where the concept of travel as per the company’s trade or being “away” from home is manifested.

In line with the “travel” theme, design elements incorporated in different parts of the office allude to a particular travel destination, ranging from tropical islands and ski resorts to historical sites and cultural museums among others. Some design concepts found in the common areas include a “fish spa” meeting space, a “bar-styled” conference space, a “homely living room” discussion space and a “beanbags room”.

The final office space features the use of rich textural materials and strong contrast in colours to create a unique and creative design concept.

Executive office design
Creative office Interior design


The concept for Whispir's interior design was to change the perception of a conventional office setting without losing its essence and functionality. Simple shapes were used in the design, along with complementing colours, lightings, furniture, wallpaper, and flooring. Each area has its own identity, a unique concept to set the mood of the office.

Workstations were kept bright and open to remain conducive for long workdays as well as to encourage collaboration in the office. Meeting and discussion rooms exude a formal ambience, with a dash of creativity highlighted by the polka-dotted walls. Common areas such as the pantry and waiting areas are homely and cosy, a huge contrast with a traditional office, but carefully designed and planned to fit in seamlessly.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore


In designing Flywire's office interior, an oriental concept entrance and pantry was installed to highlight Singapore’s vibrant culture. This differentiates the firm’s Singapore office from their international offices, giving it a unique identity. The work area was designed with a minimalist concept where general areas are kept bright and simple, while the brainstorming and recreational areas are designed to be bold, with emphasis on the contrast. The whole office was strategically designed to maximise the available space and to showcase the identity of Flywire in Singapore.

Executive office design
Executive office design

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity's office interior was designed by inculcating its brand as the essence of the design. The transition from the entrance to the various locations around the office is nicely blended, with cool colours complementing the company’s vibrant orange logo.

Workplace ergonomics was an important factor for TE Connectivity, so they ensured all staff were equipped with height adjustable tables and a comfortable workspace for long hours of work. Extra space that existed due to the structure of the current building was converted into mini pockets for employees to have casual discussions and can be eventually used for future expansion.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore


Temenos wanted a corporate yet functional space, with enough meeting rooms, a cosy pantry and a general hot desk area, a departure from the regular work cubicles. Our designers created their new office by giving the entire interior a theme, with the pantry taking on a contemporary oriental concept, while the rest of the office remains formal and corporate. Taking into consideration their business needs, small meeting spaces were allocated together with a multifunctional meeting room, both of which can be combined into one huge meeting room to cater to larger groups. Staff lockers at the hot desk area were also designed with gradient colors, giving them a design accent to be embraced rather left hidden. Window spaces were all strategically allocated, with staff desks or department leaders’ rooms taking advantage of natural lighting, providing employees with a little freedom away from the office even from their desks.

Executive office design
Executive office design


With the space comprising mostly of closed office concept, the design team thoughtfully wove elements of open corners to add a mix of transparency for a touch of personal inclusiveness. To depict the idea of transparency, a copious amount of glass was used on all private offices that occupy the interior space while workstations line the glass windows allowing natural light to permeate into the core space.

The reception uses hard-tiled flooring, wood and wallpaper contrasted with indirect lighting. This marks the beginning of an experience whereby clients can seek respite in the waiting area before proceeding to the next area. A feature wall reminiscent of wooden panels lines the main entry point and leads the eye towards the meeting rooms whilst a timber-formed work privacy screen separates the workplace from the waiting area.

At the end of each open space stands a separate workstation for managers. Conference rooms are designed with modern and solid furniture in order to create a comfortable work environment.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore


In designing WARC’s office interior, our designer took inspiration from the company’s informal work culture and its willingness to embrace new design ideas.
The project adopts the idea of creating a creative agency with a raw yet subtle industrial touch. This hybrid steers away from the typical corporate office design without going over the top in terms of creativity and informality.

The general design includes a wider range of decorative elements such as graphics, corporate colours, casual furnishings and basic architectural finishes such as wood, metal and concrete, ensuring a more sustainable and timeless overall design scheme.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore

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