Finance & HR Department
Celine Tan
Office Manager
It is no exaggeration to say that Celine is the backbone of the company. Armed with a strong sense of commercial awareness and excellent project management skills, Celine holds the heavy burden of ensuring and facilitating OSCA’s successful daily operations. Her role involves providing office staff the appropriate information, instructions and directions, then supervising the team in getting tasks completed under the relevant guidelines. She also has to initiate the project or contract and see the project through to completion. Her hefty workload affords Celine no time to sit on any pending work. Hence her philosophy is to make sure that every piece of paper that comes into her office is handled once, immediately acted upon, and then quickly filed.

Notwithstanding her endless list of responsibilities, Celine strives to maintain a balance in life by making room for herself. Her free time consists of playing her favourite sports, watching her favourite shows and listening to her favourite tunes. She can also otherwise be found shopping, reading magazines and spending time with family and friends.
Business Studies (Business Administration)
A reliable asset in the day-to-day business operations of the company.



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